Friday, October 16, 2009


Who is Jelili Atiku?
I am a Nigerian sculptor and performance artist. The intriguing part of myself ? (laughs). Well, if I must mention it, it is my face. It distinguishes me from the crowd.

For how long have you been creating art?
It is difficult to provide answer(s) to this question. Let me begin by saying that professionally I began creating art in 1997 when I concluded my undergraduate academic studies. However, I will say categorically that my creating art works in this life time began when I was a kid.

What inspires you? Are you an activist?
Humanity inspires me to create those art works that will advance its growth. I really don’t like to give myself name, but I know few journalists have described me as activist. I will let my works to describe my person in this respect.

Tell us about your work, which materials do you prefer?
My concern as an artist is to raise the sensitivity of humankind about those issues that threaten their collective existence. Therefore, my art collaborates with me in absolving me of the aforementioned responsibility. I prefer to work with any material that can help me advocate for an egalitarian society – where human values and rights are respected and upheld.

Where and how do you create?
I work in the night when everywhere is quiet and calm. I work anywhere in my house, especially in the sitting room, bedroom and backyard – anywhere that is convenient.

Something people don’t know about you.
I am a very spiritual person.

Are you a full time studio artist?
Yes I am.

What are you working on?
I am working on the ‘In The Red’ - A performance Project.

What do you wish for the Nigerian visual scene?
Greatness- that is what I wish for the Nigerian art world. But I must warn here that greatness in art comes when you remain committed to the art practices of your time; and not stuck to the practices of the distance past. The latter would only make an artist a liar or a decorator.


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